Monday, 31 March 2014

Final Post (Connecting)

First off, thank you to my two wonderful friends for reading with me and to my fantastic teacher. This was been super fun!

Now, onto connecting!
Charles Augustus Milverton, our main antagonist, is actually based on a real-life blackmailer, Charles Augustus Howell, who inspired Doyle to write this story!

I looked up spies and wedding proposals and engagements, but it seems I couldn't find a thing. So how about some fake wedding proposals instead?

But mostly, I'll miss this blog. It's been so very fun. So here's to the wonderful eight weeks of Sherlock and John fraught mishaps and here's to friends.

Thank you.

For the last time,


  1. Nice connections Katie! I didn't know that Milverton was based off a real blackmailer, and those fake wedding proposals were funny. :) I enjoyed reading with you!

  2. I agree, good connections, I that it's really cool that Milverton is based on a real person. And aren't fake proposals awesome? :p