Monday, 17 March 2014

The Adventure of Connecting Week 6 - First Half of His Last Bow

As this part of the story only contains three real characters, two German spies and a rouge stealing British military secrets for them, I don't suspect any of us connects with them really.

However, in this story, we get a month and year; the story takes place in August of 1914, just after the start of WWI. The fact that an American is working to aide the Germans is unsurprising, because America did not enter WWI for another 3 years, so Altamont is simply adding to a European war that has no connections to America.

This story is easy to relate to real life, as something similar was no doubt at least attempted. These German spies, Von Bork and Von Herling, had been planning for four years to gather British military secrets for Germany.

Claire, as to your comment about Altamont's name meaning something in another language, I found nothing. However, Altamont is the middle name of Arthur Conan Doyle's father.



  1. Google translate didn't spit anything out? It looks suspiciously like it has a meaning. I'll try to do it at the Tech Mall or some thing---I really think it means something. Maybe it is just a name, but its bothering me that it looks like it means something......

    No history on WWI? I'm disappointed. :P


  2. We're currently at one of the less spectacular Holmes stories, but one that nonetheless has its own appeal (which will reveal itself later in the story wiNK WINK). I'm glad you could find what you did. RE: Altamont: It means "High Mountain". That's a pretty easy translate, guys ;) Anyways, I hope you all like the story! -Katie