Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Connecting- Week 5

Connecting something as fantastic and wonderful as Sherlock Holmes' first case to the real world is a significant challenge. That's why I looked into real detectives and their biggest cases.
I also looked into the nature of the story's Mormon reference, and many of the situations mentioned really did happen. But, much to Doyle's dismay, he was met with criticism from Mormon readers or those who heard about the characters.
The story is also criticized for failing in one very important element of crime fiction and detective fiction- the readers couldn't solve the puzzle themselves.

I honestly couldn't figure out how to connect this one to the real world.

Not on the side of the angels


  1. I kinda wanted to know what the latin at the end meant, and would have loved to translate it, but you sorta forget how to after a few years, so I had google give me a rough (VERY VERY ROUGH) translation:

    "The people hiss at me, but I felicitate myself in the ark himself, both at home and at the same time I contemplate the money"

    Otherwise, I agree, kinda hard to connect stuff in a section that basically just explains what happened in Part I, so good job on what you did find.


  2. Ya, this part was just the two explanations of what happened, and how Holmes figured it out. I agree that the readers weren't given enough information about the case to solve it themselves, which can be a bit of a let down. But you did well :).
    And thanks for that translation Claire, even though it is rough