Monday, 31 March 2014

The Final Chapter of The Three Kids and The Adventure of the Forced Book Project---The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton Passages Week 8

by Claire

This is the last week of our book project. I really enjoyed reading the stories with you guys :)

Here are the passages I thought were interesting from the Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton:

"'You would not call me a marrying man, Watson?'
'No, indeed!'
'You'll be interested to hear that I'm engaged.'
'My dear fellow! I congrat----'
'To Milverton's housemaid'
'Good heavens, Holmes!'
'I wanted information, Watson'"
The passage continues until we get to this part:
"'But the girl, Holmes?'
He shrugged his shoulders."

Oh Mr. Holmes, you poor thing. You really are married to your work, aren't you? But consider, friends, that BBC did the same, as depicted below:

Sherlock proposes to Janine, Magnussen's PA--

Another passage I liked was when Holmes justifies breaking into Appledore Towers.

"'My dear fellow, I have given it every consideration. I am never precipitate in my actions, nor would I adopt so energetic and indeed, so dangerous a course, if any other were possible. Let us look at the matter clearly and fairly. I suppose that you will admit that the action is morally justifiable, though technically criminal. To burgle his house is no more than to forcibly take his pocketbook--an action in which you were prepared to aid me.'.
I turned it over in my mind.
'Yes,' I said, 'it is morally justifiable so long as our object is to take no articles save those which are used for an illegal purpose.'"

I think its kinda funny--two men of justice and upright standing find an excuse to burgle a house. Cool. (BBC's version of Appledore Towers below:)

copyrights: http://cdn3.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/incoming/article29915492.ece/300ca/ALTERNATES/h342/sherlock+apple_2.jpg

Hope you guys enjoyed the books!

 (Note: I have succeeded in making a BBC Sherlock reference in every single one of my posts. Gold star for the day. :)   )



  1. Excellent choice of quotes! Sherlock's so mean, engaging a girl with no intent to marry her. How awful! But I can sympathize with him- anything for justice!
    I've really liked reading with you, Claire. It's been super amazing and I really liked it.

  2. They are good quotes :) .. And Holmes is just doing what is necessary to get the job done, not his fault the poor girl said yes and told him what he wanted to know about Milverton