Sunday, 23 March 2014

The Adventure of Connecting--Finishing His Last Bow, Week 7

by Claire

We're done with His Last Bow---how did you guys enjoy it? Here are my connections for what we read:

1. So, Sherlock was undercover, for a very long time--how very much like BBC's version of undercover Sherlock:

Credit to: Pinterest
 But of course, he's not undercover anymore, though in the show he seems much more disappointed with being found out.
Credit to: allthesherlockgifs.tumblr.com

2. Tokay (I forget, are we allowed to mention alcohol?)....turns out it is a sweet wine, spelled "tokay" in English and "tokaji" in Hungarian or Slovakian (link here)

3. Schoenbrunn Palace, from which the wine supposedly came.......

Free to use or share--yippee!
Finally, Sherlock has been living his life upon the "south downs" in England:

screen shot from Google Maps--click to make it bigger

Next week is the last week--we'll be reading all of the Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton.



  1. These are great finds, Claire! Thank you!

  2. Good connections, I like the scene from BBC's Sherlock, and I like the map, it helps put things in a bit of perspective, because I don't know where pretty much anything is in England :p