Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Concluding our adventure with discussion of C.A.M. Week 8

Sorry I'm a little late, I fell asleep reading at like 9-9:30.

But, this was a good way to finish our project.

Now some questions

1.) How do you feel about C.A.M.? Do you agree with Holmes' somewhat aggressive perception of the man?

2.) Usually, Holmes doesn't really feel. How does this sudden burst of emotional anger hit you?

3.) Why do you think that Holmes doesn't want Watson to join him? I know he says that he doesn't think that Watson will be helpful, but shouldn't he know not to underestimate Watson?

4.) Also, is anyone else interested in what happened to Agatha (Holmes' fiance)?



  1. 1) I agree with Doyle- I hate blackmailers most of all. They're some of the worst criminals, in my opinion, and the real Charles Augustus Howell deserves this treatment.
    2) Doesn't usually feel? Oh, how wrong you are, Jarod! Holmes feels plenty and often. He cares deeply, more deeply than he'd like to, but he wants to keep his surface placid. He hates emotion, yes, deplores it, but he has it nonetheless. He's a big softie, a lover and a fighter, as it were.
    3) Oh he knows not to underestimate. He doesn't want Watson hurt or blackmailed. Holmes has no concern for being blackmailed, himself, but if Watson was hurt or abused, he'd go ballistic. He cares too much for his friend.
    4) Yes and no.

  2. 1) I definitely agree---blackmailers are the hardest criminals to deal with in my opinion, so Holmes' disgust mirrors my own.

    2) I agree with Katie, Holmes is capable of feeling. His "burst of anger" as you put it, is really just an emotion of extreme dislike breaking the surface.

    3) To protect him--there is a lot of room for getting in trouble, so Holmes is really just looking out for Watson here.

    4). meh. Agatha, smagatha. The case was solved, and back then, I think it was easier to get close with someone and then just disappear, especially since there was no internet to look someone up on.