Thursday, 20 February 2014

The Adventure of Connecting, Week 2

Connecting is probably not going to be my great strength. The outside world and fiction are, actually, surprisingly, highly interlockable (fiction does stem from reality, no?). But I will try my best.

In chapter eleven, Doctor Watson mentions a box found in the river Thames. Did you know that a box was, actually, found in the Thames but in 2013? And not the kind of box you would expect- no, it was a post box. I just found that fascinating. Another strange object found in the Thames was a young bottlenose whale. Other strange objects include body parts, a time bomb (this link leads to a top ten list) , a zulu spearhead (another list of artefacts discovered in the Thames) and a prisoner's ball and chain.

In chapter twelve, we also discover the box is empty. Of course, Small has made off with the loot, but a real life example of an empty treasure chest can be found here, after an Indian archaelogy expedition turned up a treasure chest only to reveal it was emptied years previous, under "mysterious" circumstances.

And, of course, everyone can relate to Holmes' plight towards the end as his life-long friend and constant companion leaves him for a woman he has come to love in this short time, leaving Holmes feeling lonely and forgotten (and somewhat indignant). Remember, though, that despite John is leaving with Mary, adventures with the dynamic duo will continue on- they are soulmates, after all (how you take that is up to you). -KATIE

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  1. Being that the Thames runs through one of the busiest cities, and one that has been busy for hundreds of years, it is expected that there would be things of interest found in its depths, though I must say, the bombs took me a bit by surprise. However, the incident with the Indian treasure is an interesting connection, especially since the picture in the article shows the chest was hidden in what looks like a deep hallway, possibly hidden in a maze like structure similar to that in the book. And yes, I believe it may be hard for Holmes to admit to be sad that he will, in part lose his friend, but we have all lost friends in similar or only slightly similar-ish circumstances, and it does leave you feeling slightly empty.

  2. Wow, really interesting! I would never have thought that so much had been found in the Thames.....I had thought it might be things like planks of wood and maybe a few things that had fallen off the backs of boats, but hey! you learn something new everyday!

    While Holmes may be sad, he'll get over it--true friends never really part forever. :)