Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Introductory Post

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Hello. Our group (The Baker Street Holmies) consists of Jarod H., Claire N., and Katie V. We are going to read  The Collected Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes- 1. Sign of Four 2. Study In Scarlet 3. His Last Bow  and 4. The Adventures Of Charles Augustus Milverton. We are reading these collected stories purely because we love the Sherlock Holmes stories and their place in literature. The stories are varied in nature and topic and therefore not suitable to be described in a plain overview. Therefore in time we will further elaborate on the individual stories themselves as we read them. We hope to further delve into Conan-Doyle-ian canon and obtain a greater knowledge and understanding of the ostentatious man himself, Sherlock Holmes. Thank you for reading. Enjoy the delightful .gif'ed rendition of the BBC adaption of Sherlock's (mis)adventures' Sherlock.

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